• The castings are copper-free (< 0.25%) aluminum
  • The hardware is 316 (A4) stainless steel
  • Extensive mounting options available
  • Brightness control available
  • The lens is glass
  • The LED’s are rated for 100,000 hours
  • UL 1598A Marine Vessels tested and listed
  • UL 1598 Wet Locations & CSA tested and listed
  • Six (6) years limited warranty subject to Point Lighting “Terms & Conditions of Sale”

PSF-53063 LED surface floodlight with various mounting methods

  • LED floodlight PSF-53063 has high brightness & brightness control
  • Safe area & Class I, Division for land-based sites and marine helidecks

PHL-57005-53062 combination perimeter & surface floodlight

  • Combination elevated LED perimeter light with floodlight wired separately
  • Safe area for land-based sites alternated with PEL-57005

PSF-53062-SOL solar powered surface floodlight

  • wireless operation for switching on demand or higher capacity version operates all night
  • Portable or permanent installation

PSF-53062-SOL-C086 Permanent solar powered LED surface floodlight

  • LED solar powered heliport surface floodlight for unattended operation
  • For locations without access to AC power; will operate all night automatically

PSF-53062-BOL portable battery powered surface floodlight

  • Optional wireless operation or manual switching
  • Rechargeable AGM battery allows 2 hour operation per charge

PSF-53017-AX hazardous area ATEX & IECEx zones 1 & 2 surface floodlight

  • Low height elevated LED FATO surface floodlight
  • Hazardous area for land-based sites and offshore marine helidecks

PHF-53001 heliport area floodlight assembly & pole

  • LED floodlights with obstruction light wired separately
  • Safe area for land-based sites

PSF-53062-HSL helideck LED searchlight

  • Adjustable manually operated for helideck work area illumination
  • Safe area for land-based sites and offshore marine helidecks

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Point Lighting Corporation personnel will assist customers and their agents in the design of lighting layouts, equipment selection and specifications. In all cases, this represents our interpretation of applicable standards and common practices. No fee is charged for these opinions. Final equipment selection is the responsibility of the end user and to comply with all applicable laws and codes and to ensure proper installation.