Point Lighting Corporation has been a leader and innovator in heliport and obstruction lighting since 1993. We are a fully American-made manufacturer, supplying domestic and global partners with specification-grade products, custom-built solutions, and end-to-end technical expertise.


We offer custom-designed, site-specific lighting and control solutions alongside project and implementation consultation. Our solutions include product recommendations, layout insights, bills of material and full customization.


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Aviation Obstruction

Hazardous Atmosphere

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Portable Lighting

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May 06, 2024 - May 09, 2024
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Sep 24, 2024 - Sep 27, 2024
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Point Lighting Corporation – Vision

Point Lighting Corporation envisions itself as a global leader in the manufacturing and sales of products for related niche lighting markets that enhance aviation safety:

          Vertical Flight:

             Heliports, Marine Helidecks, Vertiports


            Commercial Buildings, Process Industries, Towers, Wind Turbines

The vision encompasses several key elements central to our brand:

Quality & Reliability: Point Lighting Corporation prioritizes quality. Our long term success ultimately depends on our reputation with our customers. Our vision includes providing aviation lighting systems that meet the highest quality standards, ensuring reliable operation even in the most demanding environments.

Customer Satisfaction: Central to our vision is a commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and their referrals by providing high quality products,  technical expertise, reliable support and responsive customer service.

Innovation: We aim to continuously innovate and develop cutting-edge products tailored to the needs of specific customer segments within our above target markets. This includes advancements in application solutions, lighting technology, electrical efficiency, and life cycle. We must also anticipate and innovate to meet continually changing certification requirements and supply chain challenges.

Global Reach: We aspire to expand our presence globally, serving customers in a broad variety of industries that need our specialty products. This involves establishing a strong network of engineering companies, distributors and partners around the world.

Industry Leadership: Ultimately, through vision and dedication, we seek to be recognized as the worldwide leader in our specialty lighting fields, setting industry standards for quality, innovation, and service excellence.

Life: As a family owned business, challenging and rewarding work is an important part of personal success and a good life for our employees. Our team of employees is key to achieving our goals as a company. We do not live to work; we work to live.

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Point Lighting Corporation personnel will assist customers and their agents in the design of lighting layouts, equipment selection and specifications. In all cases, this represents our interpretation of applicable standards and common practices. No fee is charged for these opinions. Final equipment selection is the responsibility of the end user and to comply with all applicable laws and codes and to ensure proper installation.