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HSOL Heliport & Helideck Solar Powered Lighting System

  • A packaged system solution for solar powered aviation lighting
  • For remote or unattended heliports and helidecks

The HSOL is a packaged system solution for solar powered lighting for remote heliports where commercial or generator power is not practical and for unattended marine offshore helidecks. Provides reliable, year round solar generated battery power for the aviation lighting. The HSOL system will provide 24V DC power to one lighting circuit which will operate upon activation of the required PRC radio controller.

We have calculated HSOL sizing based on a minimum 1.0 solar insolation at the site which means almost anywhere in the world. The circuit may be switched ON by the pilot for a timed fifteen (15) minute period and this may be repeated at least four (4) such cycles per night* with full recovery of the HSOL system. After each timeout, a new cycle may be initiated by pressing a pushbutton on the door of the control unit or via repeated radio signal from the pilot.

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