Elevated Lights


  • The castings are copper-free (< 0.25%) aluminum
  • The hardware is 316 (A4) stainless steel
  • Extensive mounting options available
  • Variable brightness option available
  • The lens is glass
  • The LED’s are rated for 100,000 hours
  • UL 1598A Marine Vessels tested and listed
  • NVG compatibility option available
  • Standard with the exclusive Point Lighting Marine Treatment
finish* that is bonded to the metal and far exceeds the corrosion resistance of the standard FAA approved finish
  • Six (6) years limited warranty subject to Point Lighting “Terms & Conditions of Sale”

PEL-57005 low profile with various mounting choices

  • Low height elevated LED FATO perimeter light
  • Safe area for land-based sites and raised metal decks

PHL-57005 combination perimeter & surface floodlight

  • Standard elevated LED perimeter light with flood wired separately
  • Safe area for land-based sites alternated with PEL-57005

PEL-57005-EX hazardous area Class I, Division 2 perimeter light

  • Low height elevated LED FATO perimeter light
  • Hazardous area for land-based sites and offshore marine helidecks

PBLR-52001 portable & rechargeable perimeter light

  • Point Battery Light – Rescue portable light & carrying case
  • EMS Emergency Medical, Services Fire Rescue Services, Search and Rescue

PEL-22001 with various mounting choices

  • Economy series elevated LED FATO perimeter light
  • Basic perimeter light for private sites

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Point Lighting Corporation personnel will assist customers and their agents in the design of lighting layouts, equipment selection and specifications. In all cases, this represents our interpretation of applicable standards and common practices. No fee is charged for these opinions. Final equipment selection is the responsibility of the end user and to comply with all applicable laws and codes and to ensure proper installation.