Point Lighting Manufactures FAA approved obstruction lighting systems.

Download the Point Lighting FAA Tower Lighting System Configurations:

FAA Tower Style Charts from Advisory Circular 70/7460-1M:

  • FAA Tower Styles A0 to A6                       Download Chart
  • FAA Tower Styles D1 & D2                         Download Chart
  • FAA Tower Styles E1 to E2                         Download Chart

For high intensity tower systems, contact Point Lighting.

PFB-37004 LED white & dual flashing obstruction beacon

  • FAA L-864 & L-865
  • For FAA tower styles D1, D2, E1 & E2

PFB-37003 LED red flashing obstruction beacon

  • LED FAA L-864
  • FAA Tower styles A0, A1, A2 through A6

To view our full range of obstruction beacons, click here.

POL-21007 LED single obstruction light

  • FAA L-810
  • For FAA tower styles A1 & E1

POL-21007 LED double obstruction light

  • FAA L-810
  • For FAA tower style A0

To view our full range of obstruction lights, click here.

POC-69001-x-A & B obstruction lighting system controllers

  • LED FAA skeletal tower systems: A1-A6, D1, D2, E1 & E2
  • Economical controller for FAA tower lighting kits

PPC-40700 & PPC-40702 FAA photoelectric control

  • Photocontrol operating automatically at FAA light levels
  • Tested and certified to FAA standards by Intertek

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