Point Lighting

Point Lighting team

Point Lighting Corporation has been a leader and innovator in heliport and
obstruction lighting since 1993. We are a fully American-made manufacturer,
supplying domestic and global partners with specification-grade products,
custom-built solutions, and end-to-end technical expertise.

Michael J. Callahan

Mike is known worldwide within the airfield lighting industry for the last 40+ years. Before founding Point Lighting Corporation in 1993, he traveled to the Middle East and Europe for years with Westinghouse, Ohm Electrical Supply, and Crouse-Hinds in positions of regional sales manager and product marketing manager.

Robert Malley
Vice President – Manufacturing

Bob is responsible for all manufacturing plant operations and asset control. Bob also certifies vendors for production materials, tools and services.

Ryan Pape
Vice President – Engineering

Ryan is the designated representative for the FAA certification program and quality control. He is responsible for electronic assembly, engineering and research & development.

Christine Breton
Vice President – Business Support

Chris is responsible accounting, purchasing and human resources.

Moira O’Brien

Logistics & Facilities Manager
Assistant Production Manager

Moira manages freight logistics including all export documentation and shipping/receiving. She is also the assistant production manager and building manager.

Costas Tsangaris
Marketing Manager

Costas is responsible for all sales & marketing responsibilities.

Meghan Pugliese
Purchasing Manager

Meghan is responsible for all purchasing and she is our registered corporate secretary.

Denise Gauvreau
Sales Services Manager

Denise supervises inside sales and order service and is the primary contact for obstruction lighting projects.

Lauren Bondini
Order Service

Lauren is the primary contact for order entry and scheduling.

William O’Brien
Area Sales Manager

Bill is responsible for sales activities centered on the Gulf of Mexico as well as Mexico and Central & South America.

Patrick Ogle
Area Sales Manager

Pat is responsible for sales activities in Canada & Europe and the northern USA.

Henri Sarin
Managing Director – EMEA

Henri is responsible for business development in Europe, Middle East and Africa and the wind turbine market.

Stan Glaser
Area Sales Manager

Stan is our master rep responsible for sales activities in Asia, Pacific and India.

Get In Touch

Point Lighting Corporation personnel will assist customers and their agents in the design of lighting layouts, equipment selection and specifications. In all cases, this represents our interpretation of applicable standards and common practices. No fee is charged for these opinions. Final equipment selection is the responsibility of the end user and to comply with all applicable laws and codes and to ensure proper installation.